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Why Write for Us?

Just as a little intro to 2CELLSO Fan Club, we are published by an international team of committed fans from around the world. We do have a central team, but we also accept content from guest authors, and regular guest authors eventually become featured authors at the site.

Aside from featuring 2CELLOS, we also want to feature up-and-coming talent in the from of fans, aka CELLOGIRLS, whoever they may be – professional, non-professional, young, old, male, female…you get the picture!

In a nutshell 2CELLOS Fan Club provides a platform for people to share their personal fan stories, their experiences and generally their insights to a wonderful, inquisitive and enthusiastic audience of readers both through our blog and through our Facebook page.

So if you have a piece of content which you think our readers can relate to or be inspired by, then you are more than welcome (and, in fact, encouraged) to send it across to us.

General Information –

Original content –  We love our content to be original and exclusive to 2CELLOS Fan Club. We do however accept content that has been previously published but tweaked and/or updated for this site. (This includes translations, video transcripts and so on).

Word count – Between 600-1500 words. Please include the word count in your submission email.

Tone –  Choose your own unique voice and tone but try to write it with a positive outlook, something that readers can relate to and be inspired by.

Edit your article before sending it to us –  While we’ll always run our roving eyes over your article to ensure there are no typos, it’s always advised you thoroughly check it first, and get someone else to check it too! We get a high volume of submissions, therefore the easier and better presented your article is, the more likely it is to stand out and get published.

No sales pitch please –  We do not accept posts that include a sales pitch or reference products (either the author’s or a third party but we are more than happy to link to your website).

Topics –  The average 2CELLOS Fan Club reader is very much into Stjepan, Luka, Dusan and everything related to 2CELLOS. We especially love fan encounter stories, information regarding personal experiences on tour and behind-the-scenes information about what 2CELLOS are up to. Other than that, our readers are interedted in all aspects of 2CELLOS!

Our demographic – Approximately 82% of our readers are female. Their ages range from 12 to 92.

Biography –  We sincerely appreciate our guest authors and are very proud of their efforts. Unfortunately we cannot compensate for guest posts, but we can include a short 2-3 sentence biography and photograph about our guest authors. We are also happy to showcase your other writing samples, too by linking to one website (or to your Facebook or Twitter account) in the bio section.  As we’re trying to raise your profile as a writer, please understand that we can’t link to product pages or promote businesses.

Featured Author Badge –   Every 2CELLOS Fan Club guest author will now receive a Featured Author Badge  to embed in their website and which hyperlinks back to their 2CELLOS Fan Club’ post and/or their Author Profile.

Author Profile –  Once you have submitted more than fifteen (15) posts fitting the guidelines and tips below, we will create a “Featured Author” page for you at this site. This is a wonderful opportunity for students of journalism or writing and we’re happy to do this for you!

Guidelines & Tips

When it comes to content and style, our audience best responds to news style,  essays or personal experience stories, so when writing your article, start with a good catchy intro, then get straight to the point.

  • The main thing is that it should be easy to read and understand (as people tend to only skim read on the Internet).
  • Please include any resources that you specifically refer to or quote from throughout your submission. (This means also include the url of where you gathered your information or from what page you are translating).
  • Submit your post in a Word Document and/or Google Document.
  • We appreciate only one space after a full stop/period for the purpose of starting a new sentence.
  • Numbers from 1-9 must be written alphabetically i.e. one, two, three etc and numbers from 10 onwards must be in numeric format i.e. 10, 11, 12 etc.

Once your post is published, we encourage you to share your post with your friends via email, your website (together with the Featured Author Badge) and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Artists & Photographers

We’re interested in photographs, paintings, drawings, graphics and illustrations, of many kinds which pertain to 2CELLOS. We do accept original fan art and photographs and love to feature them at the site. Each artist and photographer must include a 250 word (minimum) description of the work they are sending along with the story behind the work.


All content sent to us must include the following in the body of the email. Please cut and paste the 3 paragraphs below. Thanks! 

By sending this email, I allow 2CELLOS Fan Club to reprint and/or reuse the writing, art ot photo(s), which I have attached herewith, in various media formats for an unlimited amount of uses over an unlimited time period. Use of the attached material is granted at no charge to the 2CELLOS Fan Club. The 2CELLOS Fan Club has sole discretion to crop, edit or otherwise enhance thecontent.

I certify that the attached content submitted are my original work and if copyrighted that I am the sole copyright owner. Copyright of the attached content remain the property of the sender.

By my sending this electronically via email, I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the 2CELLOS Fan Club from and against all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, liabilities, and costs that may arise from or related to any infringement on any intellectual property rights or other rights of a third party.

Send your submission to